Based in Campalto, Venice, Italy
Founded in 1974
Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Ma.Ra.Cash Records

Luciano Degli Alimari > Vocal
Antonio Zullo > Guitars
Mirco De Marchi > Keyboards
Sandro Bellemo > Bass
Alessandro Casagrande > Drums
Federico Berto > Lyrics




We are a band that was born in Italy back in the early seventies performing with many of the more successful symphonic progressive rock bands of that musically fruitful period like: Le Orme, Biglietto per l’Inferno, Ibis, and others. After disbanding, members moved to other musical projects.
As the new millennium approached, however, the band cautiously set aside the years apart and began slowly to create music once again. Taking the musical elements that had worked in so many years ago, the band began the process of completion.

“Metafora di un Viaggio” is a concept album of ten-tracks, forty-three minutes of music in the tradition of the previous “Felona e Sorona”, described as classic Italian symphonic progressive rock. A mixture of short and longer compositions creates a classical inspired ebb and flow of melodic musical themes that will be reminiscent of bands such as Locanda delle Fate, Biglietto per l’Inferno and Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM). Considering that most of this music was originally crafted in the seventies there is a certain vintage feeling to some of the guitar and keyboard sounds. Nevertheless, the band have made sure to temper those classic sounds with some newer elements along with contemporary production.

Published in 2014 by Ma.Ra.Cash Records, the concept album is an introspective journey into the human soul, inspired by the poetic journey of Dante Alighieri, which from the darkness arrives into the environment where the human being expresses the best of himself, repressing his reprehensible nature. This imaginary musical journey creates unreal atmospheres. The lyrics are the result of painstaking research, taking inspiration from ancient history and mythology, from Hieronymus Bosch’s works and from re-reading of the “Divine Comedy”.

Sezione Frenante presented the new concept album “Nuove Dimensioni” on May 18th.


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